The Habitat crew is continuing to have a phenomenal time up in the Adirondacks.  The work is still just as fun as it was on day one, with continued work ripping down the garage and back porch, wiring, painting, caulking, hammering, and general yard clean up after all their demolition.  Picnic lunches on a the beach (about a five-minute walk from their work site) have been relaxing and a great way to stretch their legs and cool off before returning to the work site.  Their rafting day was fun, and a good, refreshing break from all their hard work.  Everyone got a bit wet hitting the rapids, but the class three at the end was super sweet! 

Yesterday was their group choice day, and the group decided to sleep in a little later than normal, followed by a big breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and a stroll through the main streets of Lake Placid.  People popped into different shops along the streets, checked out some of the Olympic areas and finished the evening with a movie in town.  The weather has been cooperating, and even this morning, waking up to distant thunder has since cleared up into a sunny morning!

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  • Bernadetta Messana

    Hi Miki,
    It sounds like you have alot of fun besides the work. We love you and miss you, mom and dad

  • wanda luyando

    Alex..hope you get this message. Mom and Dad r picking you up. Cant wait to see u.




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