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I am not afraid to say it…Your kids officially smelled bad today. Then again, 3 days on the Delaware River will do that to a young man.

This morning, I got to experience the stench first hand as I picked them up, made sure the windows were all down and drove back north. They weathered a small storm, canoed some small rapids, and watched a fisherman use a bow and arrow. They loved every second of it all!


So what do I do with a bunch of kids who haven’t showered in a few days? The all you can eat Pizza Hut lunch buffet seemed fitting. The boys did an impressive job of eating their share before coming back, and I am sure it had nothing to do with the fact that nobody in the Hut wanted to come near us when the new pizzas came out.

We returned and they raced towards their deserved showers before taking part in Frost Valley’s culture sharing evening program where our international staff from more than25 countries deliver “Small World”.

The weather looks to be holding out for us to end the session and if it continues, Thursday will be a day on the rocks climbing and hiking in the famed Shawagunks.

Thank you for the opportunity to spend these two weeks with your prides and joy. It has been a fantastic session and we look forward to seeing you at the 11:00 AM check out.



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