One sun saug[1] With the arrival of new campers comes the creation of a new community, new goals, and new challenges. Maine Coast Trips, West Virginia and Adirondack Rambler have all spent time developing themselves as a team to face the journey ahead. With the help of their trip leaders and the staff around the participants spent yesterday packing out their gear and food. Competency of hard skills is a goal we like for everyone to achieve and with the applied effort each participant is well on their way.   Though the sun still hides till daybreak the groups have started their travels through the hills. Soon each chin will rise and eyes soar over all the campers as tents are set up and the cooking begins. The first night in their new locations takes some time to get acclimated with too. We are thankful for what nature provides, and can not wait to hear what stories are created when they return.

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