Our four mini trip groups woke up in each of their campsites this morning to a shining sun! It was a pleasant change from yesterday’s drizzly morning and afternoon.

Our canoers had their first full day of paddling today. It was a breezy 6 mile paddle luckily the wind was in their favor! It would have been really tough paddling if they had to paddle the way! Everyone has been really enjoying themselves. If you’d like to see where they are camping tonight fallow this link http://www.findmespot.com/mylocation/?id=90DOl/42.07629N/74.91025W

Our climbers woke up a camp Slime. After a quick breakfast they headed to the cliffs! They spent the morning learning proper belay and climbing techniques. After that the rest of the day was spent climbing in the world famous Gunks. It’s really special to they a the Gunks so close to us people literally come from all over the world to climb here. The Gunks are legendary.

We currently have two backpacking mini trips they are following similar routes. The first group hiked from Poet’s Ledge to Huckleberry Point a 7.09 mile hike from on beautiful lean-to to another. Huckleberry point has breath taking views of the valley below.
The second backpacking group hiked from the Devil’s Path lean-to to the Devil’s Kitchen lean-to a 6.24 hike. It’s a beautiful section of trail going up Sugar Loaf mountain and then up Twin Mountain. Lots of elevation change for this group. Their are definitely working for the views, but I’m confident their having a great time.

More updates tomorrow! Also a quick reminder that pictures from the mini trips will be online on Wednesday when the groups get back.

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