Just heard from the Maine Trail Building crew, and they are psyched and pumped after their second day of working on the trails in Acadia.  After a scenic ride up route 1 on Monday, they moved logs and tools onto a boat yesterday.   A short hike followed to their new work location, where they unloaded the boat and prepared things for today. 

“We got soo much work done” was the statement at the end of today!  After building 12 water checks (a line of rocks, logs, etc. in a trail to help lessen the amount of water that collects along the trail) the group was tired and happy.  Getting to see the progress they made was definitely a highlight all the way around. 

Tonight the group was partaking in part II of the Great Wiffle Ball Tournaments of Maine.  Last night Greg’s team took on Maggie’s team for a stellar win.  Tonight, Maggie’s team is trying to even up the scores!

A few shout outs:

Alyssa – really excelling at working with every single person in the group, making sure she meets everyone, and having fun entertaining the group in general.

Zak – a hard worker, making sure each task is completed, and an absolute powerhouse when it comes to building water checks

Elisa – a quieter leader, she steps up every time someone needs a hand and gets right into the mix of things work wise

Alex – always volunteering to help and assist (a volunteer trip is perfect for her!) where needed.  Loves the group overall.

Cole – takes everything day by day, task by task, tackling each item that comes his way with great skill

Gabriel – as a more talkative group member, Gab is keeping conversations moving and is great at drawing that out in others

Chris – completing each task and having fun.  Working hard to include each group member into group activities and challenges.

Nicky – another quieter member, Nicky is a hard worker with an amazing work ethic.  He’s great with the shovels and pickmatics the group has been using

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