Teen Adventure Camp

During Frost Valley YMCA’s Adventure Programs, campers choose from a variety of outdoor activities, service-oriented trips, like working with Habitat for Humanity to build homes for those in need, and character-based outdoor adventure trips to beautiful and challenging locations around the United States. From these new experiences, campers discover in themselves newfound confidence and strength. They learn how to trust in themselves, and each other, as they work together to explore, problem-solve, and achieve common goals. An empowering experience for all!   View our 2015 Summer Camp Catalog 2015 Summer Camp Session Dates: SESSION 1 June 28 to July 10 SESSION 2 July 12 to 24 SESSION 3 July 26 [...]

Horse Camp

View our 2015 Summer Camp Catalog Frost Valley YMCA is home to two special Summer Horse Camps: Mustang Village at our Main Camp and East Valley Ranch, just twelve miles away in a serene and secluded valley unto itself. Both locations and their programs are dedicated to providing the opportunity for developing equestrians to become more confident in their abilities and comfortable within a community of riders as, together, they develop lasting friendships while learning the fundamentals of riding and horse care. From the beginning rider to the advanced, girls grow leaps and bounds during their sessions, gaining confidence, independence, and leadership skills. The Equestrian Staff is comprised of experienced horse [...]

Farm Camp

View our 2015 Summer Camp Catalog Farm Camp, located just a hayride away from East Valley Ranch and twelve miles away from Main Camp, is a working farm set on 515 acres, with a barn full of animals and a large organic garden, both of which are tended to by our campers. Here, children learn to care for animals. They cultivate and harvest vegetables. And they learn what it means to live a healthy life and how important it is to take good care of the earth. As they experience the power of community and a shared work ethic, they become interdependent, confident, socially-responsible young leaders. A profound experience, Farm [...]

Camp Henry Hird

(Grades 8-10) View our 2015 Summer Camp Catalog At Camp Henry Hird, teens come together for two weeks at a time to enjoy a wide range of camp offerings,  including extended overnights on the trail, sleeping under the stars, adventures courses, big brother/big sister events, and ultimate sicko ball. Teens are given more freedom, responsibility, and trust, and they rise to the occasion. On a daily basis, we witness the transformation from camper to young leader, as teens exceed their own expectations. Camp Henry Hird is fun, exciting, and challenging—but it’s more than that. It’s a profound experience, a way-stop between childhood and adulthood where teens become confident, socially-responsible, actively-engaged [...]

Camp Wawayanda

(Grades 2-7) View our 2015 Summer Camp Catalog Camp Wawayanda is a traditional overnight camp where, in two-week sessions, children reach new heights of independence, choosing from a wide range of activities based on age, interest, and ability.Young campers surprise themselves with their courage as they experience new adventures, cultures, challenges, and skills. Campers are placed in villages according to age and gender. 2015 Summer Camp Session Dates: One Week Try-It: June 28 to July 3 1: June 28 to July 10    2: July 12 to 24     3: July 26 to Aug 7    4: Aug 9 to 21 2015 Summer Camp Tuition Fees: Level A: $1980   Level B: $1780   Level C: $1650   One Week Try-It: $1000 [...]

Overnight Camps

Learn about our Overnight Camps!   •   View our 2015 Summer Camp Catalog   •   Forms Summer camp offers children a magical world of play. There is nothing to turn on, re-charge, or re-boot; nature does that all on her own. Our imaginations do the rest. At Frost Valley YMCA, we offer sports, arts and crafts, hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing, canoeing, swimming, singing, storytelling around the campfire, and sleeping underneath a canopy of stars. Our traditions—hoopla, stories, songs, and cheers, the annual Olympix ceremony, and the Hirdstock music festival—introduce campers to whim, and flight of fancy, and to the roles that creativity and imagination play in sports, education, and of course, [...]