Trying to get pictures uploaded

I apologize to anyone who has been checking smugmug and wondering where the new pictures are.  I came to main camp early today to upload pictures and the entire internet here went down when the upload was almost done.  I’m back at main camp now at 11:08 P.M. trying to get them posted for you.  They are almost up, but are taking FOREVER. On a much happier note camp went really well today even with a lot of rain.  When I left tonight the group was in the middle of talent night, where there was some very impressive singing and dancing happening.  I am amazed at how many talents our [...]

Mustang: Super busy and FUN!

Mustang has been epic so far this session, so epic that I have barely had a chance to be in the office to upload pictures or do the blog because we have just been having too much fun and I didn’t want to miss out! So, apologies for the late upload of the weeks pictures but I will be on top of it this week…I promise! The girls have been doing many activities including, flying squirrel and rock climbing (2 of our ropes elements) which they absolutely loved, night swimming; which was cold but so much fun, theater games which they have requested to do again, dance parties which we [...]

Mustang: Busy, busy, busy…

The mustang girls have been very busy these last few days! It’s been a few days of firsts for the campers, learning the ropes of how everything at Frost Valley works and getting into the camp spirit. On the first day, the girls met everyone in our lodge, played some games and went up to dinner. After this the girls created some goals for the session that we are going to look at during our closing campfire to see if they have achieved them! They also learnt Frost Valley’s core values and how they are important to the way things work here and also outside of camp! On Monday, the [...]

Colonial Farm Day!

This session our theme day was Colonial Farm Day! Campers spent the morning learning colonial games, practicing blacksmithing in the forge, and creating colonial costumes. In the afternoon they created small trinkets to barter, and then traded their items with other campers, modeling a traditional barter and trade economy. At night they had a camp dance with our friends from down the road at East Valley Ranch!     As you can see in the pictures, it was a beautiful day. It’s hard to believe there’s only two days left in the session!