Trying to get pictures uploaded

I apologize to anyone who has been checking smugmug and wondering where the new pictures are.  I came to main camp early today to upload pictures and the entire internet here went down when the upload was almost done.  I’m back at main camp now at 11:08 P.M. trying to get them posted for you.  They are almost up, but are taking FOREVER. On a much happier note camp went really well today even with a lot of rain.  When I left tonight the group was in the middle of talent night, where there was some very impressive singing and dancing happening.  I am amazed at how many talents our [...]

Colonial Farm Day!

This session our theme day was Colonial Farm Day! Campers spent the morning learning colonial games, practicing blacksmithing in the forge, and creating colonial costumes. In the afternoon they created small trinkets to barter, and then traded their items with other campers, modeling a traditional barter and trade economy. At night they had a camp dance with our friends from down the road at East Valley Ranch!     As you can see in the pictures, it was a beautiful day. It’s hard to believe there’s only two days left in the session!  

East Valley Ranch – Enjoying the Gorgeous Weather!!!

Hi guys, it’s Emily here, just wanted to give you all a quick update about what has been happening at East Valley Ranch over the past couple days. We had incredible weather for the whole entire week since our rainy, rainy start last weekend. The girls got in some solid hours in the saddle and spent the majority of their days outside enjoying the sun. We played Volleyball, Kickball, Soccer, Arts & Crafts, Candle Making and went to Waterfront. However, the girls have only been able to dip their feet in at the swimming hole this week as the river is too high to swim in right now after all [...]

Half Way Point!!

Today marks the half way point to our Adventure trips and every group is having a blast! Boots and Boats Boots and Boats started the trip off back packing in the High Peaks area in the Adirondack’s. The 4 day hike proved to be challenging but rewarding with the beautiful vistas throughout their hike. They then had a day off were they just relaxed and began planning their canoeing part of the trip. They left for their canoe trip today. Adirondack Rambler The Rambler group began their trip White Water rafting in the Adirondack area. Everyone really seemed to enjoy that part of the trip. They then began their canoeing portion [...]

Pixilating Camp – Creativity through a Camera Lens

The Frost Valley Community extends across the country, and we were fortunate enough to have some California Alumni visit this past week. KC Johnson, former Pokey Totem and Windsong Village Chief, spent the week here teaching specialties with her husband Drew and friend Steve.  All three of them are very experienced in the Los Angeles animation and moving making scene and brought their talents to the Frost Valley Activities Team. Our campers learned Comic Book Drawing with Drew, a Comic Book Artist who has worked on books such as Wonder Woman, filmed short feature films with Steve, who has worked on movies like Life of Pi, and learned Animation techniques [...]