Adventure Village and Adventure Trips opening day was beautiful. The sun was shinning but it wasn’t too hot. Just the slightest bit of breeze kept everything comfortable and the Valley looking it’s best.

Adventure Village (AdVill) campers settled into their living spaces and by late afternoon they headed to the dining hall for delicious pizza! Every opening day we have pizza. It’s a great way to get kids a full stomach. Everybody loves pizza! After dinner AdVill headed back out to the Sequoia to begin it’s Opening Ceremony. Campers lead each other on a blindfolded trust walk through the forest to a secret campfire location where they scream call-and-response songs and sample the traditional raccoon poop (melted chocolate chips). All campers hit the sack soon after they got back from the opening campfire. The first day of a great session!

Adventure Trips campers spent the afternoon packing their gear and prepping to go on their journeys tomorrow. They also spent time getting to know each other here at camp. Before going to bed the Adventure Trips campers also had an opening ceremony where they learned about the Frost Valley Core Values: caring, honest, respect, responsibility, inclusiveness, stewardship, community, diversity. On an Adventure Trip it is imperative that campers embody these values and represent Frost Valley YMCA well to the broader North East community. Adventure Trips campers also got to laugh and tell stories around the fire before heading to rest-up before the drive tomorrow. Tonight was especially clear and the trips campers will be sleeping in Adirondack Lean-to’s under the crystal stars.

The adventures have begun at Frost Valley YMCA.

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