As the sun rose over Frost Valley this morning the Adventure campers felt the cool breeze of the forest from within their tents. Today was action packed and hot. After breakfast the campers kicked the day off with archery, nature art, and the Leap of faith. Then before lunch they participated in a recent AdVill tradition: The Council. Campers Unite!

In the afternoon, our group headed out on hikes. Some went to the bear cave to play capture the flag and others went creakin’. Nothing is quite as fun and refreshing as following a creak to it’s source on a hot day in the mountains. The whole village likes to chant “Mo’ Creakin'”.

Tonight the campers are playing Peaceful Ball. Peaceful Ball is actually the same game as Dodge Ball only it sounds nicer.

The Adventure CiT’s left for trail yesterday and they have been exploring the wonderful Catskills Mountains all day. Tonight they will be camping at Giants Ledge, which has a view that rivals the empire state building’s.

All Adventure trips are safe fully engaged in their first full day of activities. The quote of the day came from White Mountains trip leader, Christine: “We arrived to the mountains and immediately started exploring the creaks around the campgrounds. MO’ CREAKIN’! Oh yea and the White Mountains are mindbogglingly beautiful.”

Please note: West Virginia was hit by a severe storm a few days before our campers arrived. Power is out in a number of areas in the state. Our campers arrived safely and without a glitch. I have been reassured by our outfitters and trip leaders that the power-outage will not affect the trip in the slightest. After all, when you’re out in nature you really don’t need to plug into the wall. If you have any questions or would just like an update please don’t hesitate to call 845-985-2291 x265.


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  • kelly short

    Sounds like you got to your destination without a problem and the surroundings are wonderful. Just want to wish Nick a happy 16th Fourth of July! Pretty great way to spend the holiday. Hope to get a picture of you on the side of a large rock face. Have a great time.




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