Mask NO 09 After waking up at 3 o’clock in the morning to catch a 6:50 flight, the day began with an almost celebrity sighting on the plane. There was slight turbulence and a few loud passengers, but we were able to block it out by sleeping. Upon landing and getting the rental car we thought of different activities for the week. We arrived at the East Jefferson YMCA and were given a difficult task. We had only $125.00 to spend for a week of groceries for seven people. We were smart buyers and came in $36.00 under budget. After, we had a picnic of peanut butter and jelly, grapes, and tortillas. Once lunch was finished we took a relaxing drive around the city, saw a few sights, and caught a few winks, while we tried to find our way to the French Quarter.
At the French Quarter we walked thrdonuts NO 09ough St. Louis Cathedral and admired the architecture of the church. We then strolled along Royal St, which is famous for its art galleries. One shop that we spent much time in was the mask shop. We all tried on various masks, took a group picture, and learned the culture of the New Orleans’ mask making. The next few hours were spent perusing shops and admiring the Mississippi River, where we watched a man catch an eel. A delicious dinner was spent at the Gumbo Shoppe where we drowned our seafood in hot sauce, the traditional Creole condiment. Our evening ending with Beignets at the world famous Café Du Monde and we were covered in powdered sugar. We look forward to a good night sleep before heading off to the habitat sight for a seven a.m. start.

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