Please allow me to apologize for not having posted  a specific update yet for West Virginia I and II, Costa Rica and Adventure Village.  I have checked in with all of the leaders and everybody is doing well!  I have some time carved out this afternoon and will make sure to get you all caught up.

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  • catarina

    For Raquel in Costa Rica Happy Birthday, hope you having a good time, we miss you a lot . Kiss… kiss
    Love Mom

  • Kathy Leslie

    Happy 16th Birthday to Raquel. How wonderful it must be to spend your birthday on such an exciting trip! – Kathy & Christine

    Christine and I see from the trip itinerary that you’re now on the Caribbean coast & are involved in the turtle project. Hope you have the opportunity to see many of those beautiful sea turtles. Enjoy the adventure! How are the headlamps working? Miss you, Jennifer!

    Christine’s on her way to LBI with Cara for 4 nights.
    Love, Mom & Christine

  • Annie

    Hi Raquel! Happy Birthday!!! How’s Costa Rica ? Having fun? Too bad you’re not around today, wanted to give you a birthday hug. Hope everything is well with you. Are you home sick yet? Your mother is ” Raquel sick” LOL
    Luv u, Annie

  • Claudia

    Happy b-day, Raquel!!! Havin’ fun with the turtles?

    P.S. grandma and uncle Manel say happy birthday and they miss you here.

  • Abilio

    Feliz aniversario Raquel.Espero que tenhas um tempo agradavel na Costa Rica,e que hoje seja um dia especial na companhia dos teus amigos.Eu tenho saudades tuas,e tu?
    Um beijo do pai!
    *Nao te esquecas de tirar muitas fotografias

  • Pat Corcoran

    Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Raquel! Hope you are having an extremely exciting, happy and memorable birthday…

    Hi Heather-I miss you very much-very wierd to have no one to check up on too…getting ready for uncle bud’s bd…

    Hope you are having a wonderful time and can’t wait to hear what’s going on with you all…

    Love you!

    Mom xo

  • Laurie Albanese

    Hi John — hope it’s not raining in West Virginia! Look for a package from us soon. xx love Dad, Mom, and Melissa




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