Welcome to the Frost Valley Alumni Page!

Frost Valley YMCA is blessed with an active base of alumni, consisting of former campers, CIT’s, counselors, neighbors, friends, and community members who have chosen to stay involved with us over the years.

Our 2014 Volunteer of the Year Al Filreis joins us each summer to volunteer with programming, as he perpetuates important Frost Valley traditions.

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Big Tree Story Archive

The Big Tree Story Archive is part of a larger project to create an archive of Frost Valley’s oral history. Recorded at our Alumni Reunion, alums were encouraged to share favorite moments and memories from their time at Frost Valley. Below is a selection of stories we’ve collected. Check back as more stories will be added!

Al Filreis – Core Memory of Early Years at Camp – 1965

Anna Armstrong – Climbing Mt. Hayden circa late 90s

Anna Armstrong – PAC & Windsong at Renegades Game – 2002

Becky V – Ranch Camp Memories circa 1990

Brian Butler – Breaking Language Barriers

Bud Cox – Doing Good Things for Others

Bud Cox – Catskill Explorers -1966

Bud Cox – Camp Beginnings – 1885

Bud Cox – Camp Names & History

Bud Cox – Canteen

Christine Koenig – Family Camp Dog Story – 1981

Dari Litchman – Challenge Night Magic at 2022 Reunion

Dari Litchman – Swat/Geronimo

Dave Sacker – Dave Gold vs. Horsebarn Prank circa 1990s

David Scherer Water – Hirdstock 1987

Henry Blezard – What is it About Frost Valley?

Henry Blezard – Solo Hike – 2022

Janine del Journo – Fourth of July Candles circa 1992

Jason & Jackie LaChapelle – Castle Ghost Story

Jerry Huncosky – Transformative Camp Experience

Jonathan Turer – Short Cut to Line Shack

Justin Hill – Keeping Pace circa 1992

Keara, Todd, Jon, & David – Meditative Connections Walking Around Frost Valley

Keara, Todd, Jon, & David – The Counselors That Shaped Us circa late 80s

Leesa Thompson – 50 Years of FV Experiences & A Kidney Transplant

Mark Showers – FV Experiences Starting in 1966

Mike Schwab – 1985-1997 – Microcosm of Utopia

Olivia Cusumano – 6 Degrees of Separation – 2019

Peggy Rub – Bud’s Castle Ghost Story

Peggy Rub – When the Horses Got Out – 1969

Radio Dave – Cabin Infinity

Rick Cobb – Forest VC Story circa 1970

Save the Carrots – 1995

Shawn Blagmon – Radio Specialty circa 2000

Steve Purkis – Camp Roles since 1991

Steve Purkis – Golden Leaf – Totem 96

Tie Dye Flagpole Prank

Todd – Camp Culture circa late 80s

Triumphant Giant Ladder Experience – 1998

Ultimate Sicko Ball Origins – 1992

Waterfront Shenanigans – 1997

Zach Eigenbrodt – How I Got to Frost Valley – 2014

Zach Eigenbrodt – Why I’m A Camp Director