Frost Valley Alumni Appeal

In order to reach our goal of $10,000 towards scholarship funding, and raise awareness about the Alumni Fund, Frost Valley’s annual Alumni Appeal will take place during the entire month of April. Not only is this an opportunity for alumni to contribute to annual giving but also to encourage alumni engagement.
We are kicking off the Appeal with Frost Valley Friday on Friday, March 31st, so put on your favorite FV hoodie or tee shirt, or grab your favorite FV mug, and snap a photo!  Share your photos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter; tag us and use the hashtag #FrostValleyFriday. Frost Valley Friday will also include a one day challenge, in order to raise $5,000 to get the Alumni Fund Appeal going for the month of April.
There will be numerous exciting happenings that will be taking place during the month of April for the Appeal. New Frost Valley Alumni swag will also be available to those who donate $50 or more towards the Alumni Fund! If you are interested in becoming an Alumni Fund Campaigner, Team Captain or Team Member please, click here.