In 2008, to commemorate Frost Valley YMCA’s 50th year in the Catskills, the Board of Trustees resolved to begin a tradition of recognizing the outstanding individuals who have been instrumental in service and leadership of our organization. The following individuals have been inducted into our Hall of Fame for their contributions to the founding, continued success, and legacy of Frost Valley.


D. Halbe Brown (1936-2012)
Executive Director of Frost Valley YMCA, 1966-2001

Woodruff J. “Woody” English ( 1910 – 1996)
Long-time trustee, Frost Valley YMCA’s Environmental Education Program was named in his honor

Eva Gottscho (1913 – 2009)
Founder of the Ruth Gottscho Kidney Foundation Bringing children with chronic kidney disease to Frost Valley YMCA


Helen Geyer
First-ever woman on the Frost Valley YMCA Board of Trustees

James C. Kellogg
Frost Valley YMCA Board President for fifteen years, succeeding Woody English


Walter T. Margetts (1905 – 1983)
Responsible for finding and negotiating the transfer of Julius Forstmann’s estate to what was then known as the Central Atlantic Area Council of the YMCA, now Frost Valley YMCA


Tatsuo and Emiko Honma
Founders of the Tokyo-Frost Valley YMCA Partnership

Jane Brown
Wife of long-time Frost Valley Executive Director D. Halbe Brown

Charles R. Scott (1874 – 1954)
Leader and director of Camp Wawayanda and first president of the American Camping Association


Fenn Putman (1933-2014)
The longest serving member of the Board of Trustees (2012 marks forty years)

Dr. Jerome Wolff ( – 2003)
Played an instrumental role in Camp Wawayanda’s momentous move from New Jersey to it’s present home


Paul Guenther
Visionary supporter of non-profit organizations and a long-time leader of the Board of Trustees; he supported the building of Frost Valley’s new Wellness Center with an extraordinary, organization-changing gift of $1 million.

David King
Tremendously energetic long-time member of the seasonal staff between the late 1950s and the late 1970s Dave had an impact on every single aspect of the Wawayanda camping experience, many of the innovations and customs he introduced into daily summer life here are in use to this day.

Howard E. Quirk
A minister and a counselor; a raconteur and an entertainer; a story-teller and witty tour guide, but above all else, Howard E. Quirk was passionate about people. “The heartbeat of Frost Valley” as described by long-time Executive Director, Halbe Brown