Bear Grylls Survival Academy Program Director

Extension 315

Jeff is the Director of the Bear Grylls Survival Academy at Frost Valley YMCA.  Jeff started at Frost Valley in July of 2007, but has been a YMCA employee for other associations prior to Frost Valley.  He has always wanted to have a career that allowed him to be in the outdoors and working with children/teens/families, so he got his degree in Parks and Adventure Recreation Management from Eastern Illinois University.  Growing up with a love for the outdoors, tremendous respect for the environment, and a passion for adventure has led Jeff to Frost Valley YMCA.  When he is not working, Jeff enjoys spending time with his son, Kellan, camping, hiking, motorcycling, traveling, and seeing his family and friends. Jeff believes that Frost Valley YMCA is truly an amazing place with something for everyone and hopes to see you while you are here for your next Frost Valley YMCA experience.