The Adirondack Rambler is up and running.  So far they have tried their hand at canoeing, white water rafting (not in canoes) and rock climbing.  All the activities are going well, and the campers are having a ball!  White Water Rafting down the Hudson was a great adventure for the group, and new for most of them!  Everyone is working super well as a team.  After rafting, Lynn, the guide, was nice enough to spark up the groups bbq. Tomorrow looks to be just as action packed as today with a little hiking mixed with a little adventure for good measure. More news to come!

G.B. -did really well rock climbing.  G. B. is trying everything and taking charge. Gets along with everyone.
J.B. -is very funny.  J.B. is the first to try new things & really coming out of his shell!
M.V. -was very good at rock climbing!  Since M.V. is already experienced with climbing, he helped others out. 
S.C. -loved rafting and is very funny! Great during rafting and also helps with tasks!          
M.C. -Very funny, cracks the trip leaders up and is as good at climbing as he is a leader! 🙂

So far it’s a very comical group which keeps spirits very high, as it turns out it’s a great group all around.

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