On this whole day hike the adventure campers had a choice. Half the group hiked up the neversink river, which is shallow enough these days, even with the storms, for creekin’! Eventually as the group hiked up the river they found the Frost Valley Petroglyph.

The other group headed over Wildcat Mountain to the Frost Valley’s Farm Camp. They learned about the farm animals and played with the lama’s. Apparently they do spit! With fresh veggies and extreme-catch-a-chicken the farm never disappointing.

Adventure Village Try-it campers came in from their mini trips today. The hikers followed Biscuit Brook from it’s sources near the Lean-to all the way back in to camp. Nothing beats the entrance when you walk out of the woods into camp with all your gear and a smile on your face. The climbers made their way back to camp just a little later. They bused in from the Gunks after spending a full day on the rocks.

With closing ceremonies for the Try-it and an awesome game of hide and seek in the castle it’s fair to say that there will be tired-happy campers in their bunks tonight.

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