Both trips arrived safely back to camp today.

The Ramblers arrived in the early afternoon. They were all excited and glossy eyed from stories and a lack of rest. Bus rides take the best out of the best of us. The leaders and the campers were raving about the last couple days of the trips at Adirondacks Rocks & River. They got to stay on site and climb all day. The folks at Rock and River have also recently built us a campground. They don’t really get other guests that like to camp, so they built it just for us. It’s amazing.

The Habitat Catskills trip also got back safely. They had picked up some home furnishing from the Habitat restore and were lounging around on it while they were packing in. Grumble grumble… All of the folks in the Habitat trip also got t-shirts from Habitat for Humanity. Ulster County Habitat does such a great job with the kids. Each of them felt a strong sense of connection to the service they had provided to our local Catskills community.

See you tomorrow!

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