As the middle of July is approaching, session two trips are officially underway!  The first trip to roll out this morning was Habitat Maine, as they had a full day of driving to northern Maine.  I have never seen a group bond so quickly; as they were packing gear and food last night, the room was filled with nothing but laughter.

The Ontario Outback trip rolled out shortly after Maine and everyone was excited to camp at Niagara Falls tonight.  As the canoe trip to Killarney Provincial Park is one of our more advanced trips, there was lots of excitement (and questions) from the participants on where the paddling journey would take them.

The Catskill Backpacker and the Wilderness Skill Builder enjoyed a relaxed morning as they didn’t have very far to drive.  With the Catskills in our backyard, they got to enjoy one last prepared meal in the dining hall before heading out into the mountains.  The groups are exploring some of the most remote areas in the days to come, as even Bud Cox (founder of Frost Valley Adventure Trips, 50+ years) hasn’t even been on some of the trails that the backpacking groups are about to experience!

With the stars shining bright tonight, I am sure everyone is enjoying a relaxing night around the campfire.  Stay tuned for more updates as the trips check in to home-base in the coming days…

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