Today the village divided up into three groups, with each camper deciding on the level and location of the hike they wanted to enjoy.  Our first group got better acquainted with Frost Valley trails, some of them rarely used by our guests, before returning back to main camp after lunch.  They then spent an hour in the village showering and resting before heading over to archery and waterfront. 

Our second group decided to hike Slide Mountain, one of the taller peaks here in the Catskills and only about four miles from camp.  Their biggest comment was that the trail was “rocky.” 🙂  The view at the top was good though, so the rocks didn’t matter as much!  They made it back just in time to jump into the gaga game and waterfront period.

Our third group hiked up Doubletop Mountain – a trailess peak right behind Frost Valley’s property.  They tackled the longest hike out of the three, and didn’t quite find the plane crash – but they think they were close!

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