As they all step off the bus, I can instantly tell it has a been a successful trip. They stand taller and walk with an extra skip to their step. They run up to me with smiles on their face and excited to tell me every inside joke and story that happened the last four days. They talk about the food they made on trail and how fantastic it was or about how they had to hike up to the top of this mountain and they thought they couldn’t make it but didn’t give up and finally made it.

Perseverance was a word used a lot by the trip leaders when they described the campers experience. There were failures and hardships on trail. We had campers on the Gunks Climbing trip that tried the same climb over and over again because they were determined to make it to the top even though they tried 4 times before and guess what, they made it to the top. Or campers struggling to make it to the top of the mountain with backpacks on their back. But they didn’t quit and conquered not only that mountain but the 4 others after that. These are only a couple of many stories that have been told from the entire village.

Days like today remind me why Adventure village and mini-trips are so special. They teach campers how to push through and test their limits. It gives campers a platform to really grow and try new things. It creates friendships and stories that they will have for a life time. I can’t wait for you to hear all the stories from your own camper.


Happy Trails, 

Zach Eigenbrodt

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