Adventure Village got to sleep in this morning. We all got up around 9:30 and dashed to breakfast at 10. After a night at the camp dance it was nice to rest up, especially because Adventure Village headed out on their mini trips today.

Breakfast was nontraditional to say the least. We had waffles with ice cream sundays. We made sure the Adventure folks ate something else too. After just ice cream for breakfast kids run out of fuel for the day quickly.

Each trip (backpacking, climbing, and canoeing) set up and tested all their camping gear before loading up the buses and heading out. The canoers got a quick master class on how to paddle the basic strokes, while the climbers sized their shoes/harnesses, and the backpackers fitted their packs.

All the campers headed out on time with smiles on their faces and adventures on their schedules.

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