Well the mini trips are in full swing and everyone is having a great time!

Here at Frost Valley we have six thousand acres of land and it is rarely used to it’s full potential and it has a lot of out of the way corners. Well this session our hiking mini trip is certainly making an attempt to make very good use of all of our out of the way corners of Frost Valley. Currently they in the east valley near Frost Valley’s farm. To see their exact location follow the link! http://fms.ws/9GJIy/41.9373N/74.50793W

Campers on our climbing mini trip woke up this morning at camp Slime. After rolling out of their sleeping bags and breakfast they walk across the bridge that connects them to the world famous Gunks for a full day of climbing!

Canoers woke up this morning repacked their dry bags (water proof bags) and packed their canoes for their first day on the Pepacton Reservoir! Today they paddled from the boat put-in at the Shavertown Bridge about 2 miles to their first campsite.

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