Early today the village met and split into groups to do one last break-out. Leap of Faith, candle making, and Dance! (with sam) were the options.

In the late morning we spent time with Outpost Village and the CiT’s!

After lunch, the campers made their way back to the village to pack and clean. We made the village spotless!

Just before dinner we went exploring up one of the creek beds one last time before heading back to the village for an impromptu ice cream party.

After dinner we all headed to our ceremonial campfire to do our closing ceremony. The campers had skits prepared and the counselors prepared something special for each camper.

As closing sessions go, this one was a great one! Great campers, amazing trips, and decent weather. It was cool at times but frankly speaking that’s the best weather for hiking!


See you tomorrow! ¬†Pick up is at 11 AM, please don’t forget your ID.

Happy Trails,

Lincoln McLain
(845) 985-2291 x265

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