Adventure Village has enjoyed a spirited day of teambuilding.  The day stared with some low ropes and teambuilding games based on the ground.  The groups then divided up into tent groups to get to know the people they are directly living with for the next few days.  After some rest and lunch, the group strapped on helmets and harnesses and chose to either jump off the Zipline, leap off the Leap of Faith or climb up the Y-tower.  Waterfront was next where some people swam, while others hung out on the beach, boated or played Ga-Ga (a favorite camp game!).  Although we’ve had a few threatening rain clouds, the weather has remained relatively sunny (and a bit hot!) today and no rain has fallen as of yet!  Everyone is settling in well and enjoying life out in the platform tents!

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  • Jane Shu

    Thank you and good to hear!




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