Yesterday AdVill divided up into a few groups to do various levels of hikes.  The first group stayed here on camp, hiking some of our underutilized upper trails.  The group LOVED seeing some of the new places, and got a chance to discover the cool things right in their own backyard! 

The second group hiked Table Top Mountain, a total of about 5 miles.  The view from just below the summit was great, and it was nice to be off camp for the morning! 

The final group strapped on their packs and did a rigorous hike up Doubletop Mountain – a trailess peak that one can access right from the Frost Valley camp – a total of about 7 miles all together!

Right before dinner, camp saw an awesome thunderstorm roll on through, leaving things a bit wet for the evening time.  Adventure Village met up with Hemlock Village to do their evening activity before returning to their own village for devotion and sleep.

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