Whew!  AdVill has had a whirlwind of activity in the past few days.  Saturday opened up with a sunrise hike up Giant’s Ledge where the view was “amazing” but the hike was “waaay too early.”  After eating some breakfast, the crew went back to bed for a bit and then had some waterworld fun (choices of natural jacuzzi, tubing or creeking).  Saturday night was the big dance with the Hird (the older half of resident camp).  Our campers favorite dance: the YMCA of course!   The whole dinning hall jumped in with hand movements and song shouting! 

Sunday the group prepped for their mini-trips.  Everyone slept in and then learned how to set up the tents, use backcountry stoves and practiced skills for their perspective trips (biking, canoeing, backpacking or climbing). 

Today, the group was up early to eat breakfast and hit the road.  Right now, all of our campers are chillin’ at a campsite with their counselors and group members!  We’ll see the group (and hopefully some pictures!) Wednesday between late afternoon and early evening!

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  • Lynnette Allen

    Hey Rocky!
    Hope your having a great time can’t wait to see you. We all love you and miss you lots!!!!!!Bet you can’t wait to go to the East Buffet!

    God Bless…….Kisses to you from all of us! Mommy, Daddy and T Oh! and Nedi too!




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