Just in time to beat the rain, AdVill returned home safe and sound after their mini-trips.  After cleaning everything up and relaxing in the village for a bit, AdVill headed to dinner, followed by a mini-dance party and then a Task Bonanza Extravaganza with Lenape and Tacoma Villages. 

Bikers loved the new bike route we tried out this session, and actually enjoyed the rain they had on the first day.  It helped them move faster on the way back to the bus! 🙂

Climbers had a fantastic time trying out some new routes and stopping for brunch on the way home today.

Backpackers climbed a few fire towers and enjoyed beautiful views from several vista points along their route.

Canoers loved being on the water, and really enjoyed the scavenger hunt at Kittatinny Park (the original location of Frost Valley Y) today.

Everyone is gearing up for their final day of camp tomorrow before returning home on Friday!

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