Today started off hazy…and then the haze cleared…and then the rain came!  And with the rain came the thunder!  And Thunder means Frost Valley YMCA is RIDIN’ THE LIGHTENING! 

After starting with some water activities (tubing, creeking or natural jacuzzi) and jumping into football, the village had just started high elements and candles when the storms hit.  Everyone rushed inside and had a few minutes of hang out and prepping for a soggy afternoon. 

But never fear!  Adventure counselors are here!  Some quick rearranging (alright..they hatched their rain plan earlier in the morning!) found the village chillin in the castle for the afternoon.  Everyone enjoyed the castle tour and games before dinner.  Now the village is back out in the yurts, listening to the rain as it falls on the tent and yurt walls, strumming on the guitars, playing cards and building relationships!

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  • Carla Kron

    When are the kids leaving for their mini-trips?

    More pictures please.




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