AdVill (Adventure Village) started off yesterday doing some high ropes challenges and nature art.  They jumped right into learning some Leave No Trace ethics so they would be prepared for their big Project X overnight.  I’d love to share details on the overnight, but it’s top secret!  I will mention that there were definitely a few s’mores made (and if you’ve never made a Frost Valley s’more, we use chocolate chips instead of chocolate bars.  Once you can make a s’more with chocolate chips, you can conquer anything!  I totally challenge you to try it!), and a gorgeously clear sky with bright stars.  The weather in these parts has finally decided to grace us with some sun and warmer temperatures (session 1 rained just about every day, so far for this session, we’ve seen nothing but sun!).

Today, the group took advantage of that warmer weather and had fun down at the waterfront swimming and boating on the lake.  It was back to some high rope adventures and climbing for those who didn’t have a chance to do them on Tuesday.  After lunch the whole village met up and played a bit of Geronimo with one of our past camp directors (we love you Al!).  Tonight everyone decked out in camo (complete with face paint and ferns in the hair!) to play French Revolution with Outpost Village and are currently sitting in the village listening to the founder of Frost Valley Adventures (he started the program in 1968!) tell his famous Fire Tower story. 

That’s it for tonight!  Tune in tomorrow or the day after for our next update!

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