Out and about all day, that’s the name of the game today!  AdVill divided up into two groups.  One group decided to take the moderate level hike up and over Wildcat Mountain to our very own Frost Valley Farm.  Along the way they had the chance to meander on through the old town of Laddleton checking out the foundations and beautiful meadows (Laddleton is currently reduced to old, stone foundations and lots and lots of ferns in today’s age), which received its name because back in the day, the people there made laddles (totally true story!).  When they arrived at the farm they received a tour of the barn and crops that the farm campers work hard at producing every day.

The second group chose a more difficult level hike to the top of Doubletop Mountain.  Doubletop is the highest, trailless peak in the Catskill Mountains, and happens to start on the border of Frost Valley property.  The groups use map, compass and common sense to make it to the summit.  The group didn’t find the plane crash today on the top, but they definitely looked!

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