All of the mini-trips have landed!  Everyone’s home safe and sound tonight, comfortably sleeping in their own bunks in the tents again! 

Canoers went to the original Camp Wawayanda site after paddling on the Delaware this morning (first time in the history of our camp’s New York location bringing down kids to visit the old site!) and loved the history of the site.

Climbers had a blast learning about belay techniques, climbing strategies, knots and ropes out in the Gunks.

Bikers loved the 24 mile rail trail they completed, as well as swimming at the lake to beat the heat!

After arriving back on camp, the groups showered and cleaned up gear before heading to the dinning hall for dinner. The evening finished up with a rousing game of Ultimate Sicko Ball (a big four-way version of capture the flag) and quiet devotions before bed.

[Editor’s note: The final pictures from the mini-trips will be posted by the end of tomorrow on Smugmug.  It’s taking us a little time to put them all up, but we’re working on it!  Thanks for your patience!]

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