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Habitat Adirondacks is moving the Ampersand Avenue house along quite nicely. Recent work has including pouring cement slabs outside of the two doors on the first floor and doing a lot of siding all around the house.


There was also some taping and speckling work done inside the house.


Sunday was a day off from working and the group joined the kids from Adirondack Rambler for a day on the upper Hudson River. There were a few swimmers, a lot of splashing, and a great time had by all.

raft habitat

Yesterday was their final day of work at the house. This group has accomplished so much at the house and has definitely made a difference in the progress of the home of a great family. Today they will be rock climbing in the Keene Valley area and then Thursday the group will head back to Frost Valley for a final night together. Thank you once again for allowing your teen to participate in this amazing experience. It would not have been the same without any one of them.


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  • Sharon

    It looks like you have all done a great job for a great cause. You should be proud…and tired! We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

  • Simon

    Looks like everyone’s been having a lot of fun, and judging the nalgene bottles, a lot of water too.




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