Mini trips have begun! The campers started planning their mini trips as soon as they figured out which trip they were on.

Canoers left early this afternoon. They will be spending their first night at Big Pond before putting in tomorrow morning with the first leg of their trip. This marks the first time the Pepacton Reservoir has ever been paddled in a trip. Our Frost Valley Campers are making history. The Pepacton is surrounded by pristine wilderness, but it’s also easily accessible at multiple points along the route, which makes it both safe but also secluded and beautiful.

Backpackers were the first to leave this morning. They headed to the Denning entrance to Slide Mountain just before lunch. The backpackers have to summit a small mountain in order to reach their Adirondack lean-to for the first night. Once they get there they’re be briefed on campsite educate and what adventures lie ahead along the trail.
Warning! Campers who go backpacking will see too many vistas. They may return entirely desensitized to beautiful views.

Climbers and Bikers headed out together. Both trips will be sharing a base-camp at the entrance to the Shawangunks. The base camp will be amazing, out campers will only need to walk across a foot bridge and they will have arrived at their climbs. Safe and fast! Bikers will spend most of their days in the Mohonk Preserve while climbers will be exploring the endless carriage roads of Minnewaska State Park.

Note: no photos will be posted to Smugmug while the campers will be on their trips. We will blast the site with photos when the return though so be prepared!

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