Beware world Adventure Village mini trips left today. Fifty some-odd campers and their respective Frost Valley mentors are romping and stomping around the corners of the Catskill Mountains.

The morning started with ice cream for breakfast. Every Sunday we indulge and campers get a scoop of ice cream and toppings on their waffles: served by the director team. AdVill had a great time chowing down before heading out to the gear room to finish up the details of their pack-out. I’s were dotted and t’s were crossed. Nothing wasn’t checked, double checked, and then checked again. At this point in the trip process it’s important for the trip group to instill a sense of communal ownership. If you pack out your own trip you own the consequences of your actions. Also it’s fun to do tent set-up races.

Into the buses and on the road! We’re sending two trips backpacking in the Indian Head Wilderness, one trip paddling in the Pepacton Reservoir, one trip biking in Minnewaska, and one trip climbing in the Gunks. Everyone’s going to come back with dust in their nails and amazing memories to dream about for the rest of their lives.

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