HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. BRIDGE!  Yep, today AdVill celebrated Sequoia Bridge’s 100th anniversary.  Sequoia Bridge (the bridge you need to walk over in order to enter the village) was first built as part of a road in Claryville.  A flood washed the bridge down river, whereaupon a Frost Valley CEO saw the bridge and asked the town if he could keep it.  The town agreed, and our CEO (Mr. Brown) scooped up the bridge and placed it over the river at Frost Valley where it still stands today!  Today, AdVill teamed up with the MAC campers to enjoy a BBQ, complete with Happy Birthday and birthday cake.  The rain didn’t dull our spirits, as we simply moved the meal indoors!

Prior to the birthday bash, campers pulled out some paint and went to town painting each other, counselors’ clothes and structures around the village.  A little time splashing in the river cooled everyone off (and cleaned some people up!) before afternoon activities began with Susky village.  Look for pictures soon from this artful, birthday bash!

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