Everything was backwards in Adventure Village today.  What could be better than waking up to a campfire and a BBQ?  Breakfast was a hit tonight with eggs, sausage, home-fries and pancakes over the fire!  Devotion was done at 9:00am instead of 9:00pm, while everyone’s shirts and shorts were properly facing backwards!  It wouldn’t be complete without walking to lunch, BACKWARDS…

After Herd Hangout (after dinner at breakfast instead of before dinner), everyone went out to build shelters.  They were some of the most impressive shelters of the year.  Honestly, I wouldn’t mind spending a night or two in them.

Project Adventure (team-building) and the Y tower were a hit today, as well as candle making before breakfast at 6:30pm.  After breakfast the Adventure CITs hosted Iron Chef Adventure style.  Food was found around camp and each team competed for best presentation, worst presentation, and taste.  Being one of the director judges, I would have to say all were tasty….except one!

Great day everyone!

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