Getting up early once again, we started our day with crystal clear skies and warm weather as we headed over to continue our work from yesterday with

SNO 2009 Meeting HomeownerHabitat.  One of the highlights of the work day was getting the chance to meet the homeowner of the house during the wall raising ceremony.  The first wall that is put into place on each Habitat house is met with a small ceremony with the owner of the house, the sponsor for the project, and the habitat workers and volunteers.  Sonya will be moving in hopefully by the time summer rolls around!  While working, we also came to the conclusion that our hammering skills need a bit of work, but we were all laughing as we pulled out yet another nail and Nate (the site manager) came over to correct our boards!

SNO 2009 Alligator

After work, we jumped into the van and header over to Honey Island. Here, we took a swamp tour and learned about the history of New Orleans.  Along the way, we had the chance to see two alligators, a wild boar and lots of birds.

Now, we’re hanging out at the YMCA munching on some pizza and getting ready to watch a movie before calling it a night!

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