On their first day the Boots and Boats team got to sleep in a little on their first day. Instead of getting up at 5 they got to get up at 7 and make their way down waterfront for a morning dip and swim test. There’s nothing like jumping in the lake first thing in the morning.

Soon enough the campers and leaders were on their way north, headed for the Adirondacks and the Adirondack Loj. We’ll be parking our bus at the Loj while we head into the backcountry for the backpacking leg of the trip. The group grabbed some supplies at a grocery store on the way up and hiked into their campsite an authentic Adirondack lean-to. Today was the first day of real backpacking. They will be heading into the valleys and summiting the peaks. Each night they will crash at more lean-tos before heading back to the Loj on Friday to end the backpacking portion of the trip.

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