Hey Everyone At Home!

Just heard from Boots and Boats – although their check-in was brief due to some sketchy cell service.  They successfully popped out of the woods, made it to a dinner out (pizza!) and a shower before picking up paddles, life jackets and canoes for their next portion of the trip.  All campers are doing VERY well – with a lot of strong leaders in the group.  The hiking was gorgeous, and the weather pretty good overall. No rain with the exception of a brief sprinkle last night!  🙂   A couple of steep sections made the hike challenging – even for the best hikers in the groups, but the views were well worth the effort.  Camping out was great and the sky clear for some night star-gazing.   

Everyone was pumped to pick up some fresh fruits and veggies and hop into the canoes.   Some time on the water after so much hot weather is definitely something everyone is looking forward to for the next few days!

They will be chatting with us next on Thursday – as they head on back up to camp.  Until then – everything is going well, everyone is alive and healthy and having a really good time so far!

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