(Grades 2-7)

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Register Online Long ButtonCamp Wawayanda is a traditional overnight camp where, in two-week sessions, children reach new heights of independence, choosing from a wide range of activities based on age, interest, and ability.Young campers surprise themselves with their courage as they experience new adventures, cultures, challenges, and skills.

Campers are placed in villages according to age and gender.

2015 Summer Camp Session Dates:
One Week Try-It: June 28 to July 3
1: June 28 to July 10    2: July 12 to 24     3: July 26 to Aug 7    4: Aug 9 to 21

2015 Summer Camp Tuition Fees:
Level A: $1980   Level B: $1780   Level C: $1650   One Week Try-It: $1000

Why 3 Tuition Fees?
Frost Valley serves families with different abilities to pay. Tuition A reflects the true cost of camp. Tuitions B & C have been created to help families that require some financial assistance to send their child to summer camp. In the event that you cannot afford Tuition A, B, or C, please contact us about our financial assistance program.