Fourth of July (1st session)

The Fourth of July begins, like all other days, with a flag raising ceremony. But for our Independence Day celebration, the entire camp joins together around the flagpole to sing a rousing Happy Birthday to America. It’s a powerful rendition and pride echoes across the valley. During the day, we host a carnival to celebrate our great country. Later, as many of our summer staff is international, we invite them to participate in a Small World Fair where all cultures share their history and traditions. The day culminates with an evening of fireworks over Lake Cole.

The Olympix (2nd session)

Every summer, the Olympix spirit sweeps through camp when Frost Valley YMCA hosts our annual Olympix championship. Competing countries, varying from year to year—Australia, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Serbia, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, and Wales—are represented by groups of campers. The opening ceremony commences the night before with dances, skits, and songs representing the cultural traditions of each country. Team unity and pride are on full display, but it’s the spirit of Frost Valley that rises strong, pure, and heartening. Let the games begin!

Battle of the Themes (3rd session)

Hasn’t every kid wanted to be a superhero, a wizard, or a princess? Enter battle of the themes day. Campers bring fantasy to life dressing up in costumes based on a theme of their choice. Themes vary from wizards and superheroes to pirates and princesses. Campers compete in games based on the themes chosen. Imagination becomes reality!

Hirdstock (4th session)

Hirdstock, a camp-wide music festival that rivals the original Woodstock, takes place during the fourth session. Campers participate in arts and crafts, games, an air guitar competition, and other activities on Hirdstock Field. But, the main attraction is always the music. Performances by campers, counselors, and other professional bands draw the positive vibes of all present and the spirit of Frost Valley is palpable as the music soars to the mountaintops.