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Mountain Skills Adventure Village Climbing Waiver
FROST VALLEY YMCA Adventure Trip Programs

Adventure Village is our introductory Adventure program. Campers participate in a myriad of activities: orienteering the hills, exploring mountain pools, zip lining, and traversing high ropes obstacles. Adventure Village’s home base is tucked in the woods between two converging mountain creeks with a communal Mongolian Yurt in the center. Campers sleep in canvas platform tents where they drift off to the soothing sounds of frogs chirping, in the cool mountain air beneath the brilliant starlight.

Adventure Village is for the adventurous at heart! Combining the best of Overnight Camp and Adventure Trips, campers choose from multiple adventure-based activities like climbing the tower, all-day hikes on trails and in creekbeds, orienteering, zip-lining and honing their outdoor survival skills. They also join main camp for traditional camp activities.

2015 Session Dates:
 June 28 to July 10    2: July 12 to 24     3: July 26 to Aug 7    4: Aug 9 to 21

2015 Summer Camp Tuition Fees:
Level A: $2140   Level B: $1940   Level C: $1820

Why 3 Tuition Fees?
Frost Valley serves families with different abilities to pay. Tuition A reflects the true cost of camp. Tuitions B & C have been created to help families that require some financial assistance to send their child to summer camp. In the event that you cannot afford Tuition A, B, or C, please contact us about our financial assistance program.

Adventure Village One Week Try-It

(Grades 6-8) June 28 to July 3

Tuition Fee: $1050

Packing List
FROST VALLEY YMCA Adventure Trip Programs

Try our one-week Adventure Village program designed for the first time camper. Live in a platform tent for a week and sample some of our favorite adventure camp activities like climbing the tower, zip-lining, orienteering and honing your outdoor living skills. Campers also go on a two-day backpacking mini-trip right here in the Catskills!