We have our own horses! After our evaluation ride on Monday, the barn manager assigns horses to each camper so they get to experience a sense of ownership and independence. Their first couple of lessons will be getting used to their horses and learning their quirks. In these lessons they learn the basics like starting, stopping, posture and circling. This helps with their balance on and off of the horse. We also have our ground lessons and have been learning the colors of our horses and also the parts of the horse. The campers did an activity with a horse drawn on a wall and they learnt the different parts […]

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Session one of Hoofbeats has begun! Today the campers arrived in their cowboy boots ready to ride. We started the day with some name games to get to know each other before we headed to the barn. On our first day at the barn we have what we call an evaluation ride to determine what level of a rider they are. This is great fun as they get to meet some of the horses and potentially the one they will ride for the whole session. Whilst some are riding, others are doing what we call a Ground Lesson. This is where the campers get to learn all aspects of horses. […]

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