What is meant by “living sustainably”? Simply put, the idea of sustainable living refers to existing in a way that can be continued indefinitely without exhausting available resources. Sustainable practices can play a key role in decreasing humanity’s negative impact on the planet’s ecosystems. Very few people practice this lifestyle completely in today’s society. However, just keeping it in mind and taking steps to reduce the resources needed to fuel your lifestyle can have a measurable effect on the health of the planet. The more people that jump on board with this idea and attempt to make little changes, the more exponential this positive progress will become. A goal […]

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Every year the natural resources department hosts three 3D archery events at Frost Valley. These events are open to the public for the price of $20 for adults and $8 for children under the age of 12. They are free of charge for Frost Valley outdoor sporting participants and lunch is included for everyone! They offer a fun filled Saturday for anyone who loves archery. Guests are asked to bring their own archery equipment for shooting the course. The 3D archery course consists of a ½ mile loop trail with 28 three dimensional targets along the way. We even have a stegosaurus target! Shots for various skill levels are marked […]

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