Ten beautiful new cabins — two villages of five each — are being constructed up the hill (across the road from Bodman, Day and Kellogg, not far from the road up to Kresge Lodge), and this is where, next summer, the girls in Lakota and Susky will live. Exciting, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t sad about leaving the old cabins numbered 41-45 (Lakota) and 46-50 (Susky). Folks reading this who go back further than the 1980s will know these old cabins as Sacky (cabins 11-15) and Tacoma (cabins 16-20). They will built (in a hurry) for the 1966 season, at the same time as the Girls’ Dining Hall (now […]

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At Frost Valley each camper can choose from among many “specialty” classes, which typically meet each day for four days. Lucky are those who choose the Gardening specialty. Alex the Gardener meets them at the old Forstmann orchard, where there are now raised gardens, full of veggies and flowers and berry bushes planted by campers — and our greenhouse. I stopped by to see the gardeners on the last day of their four-day lesson and found that they were very excited about the large carrot they’d just pulled up from the ground. Soon after I snapped these shots, they were off to wash it off and within a few minutes […]

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