Catskill backpackers came out of the woods yesterday for a brief respite in Phonecia.  They enjoyed some tubing down the Esopus River and good food at Sweet Sue’s (have you ever seen their pancakes?  They’re HUGE!) before heading back to the trail for the last section of the hike!

And update on how our backpackers are doing:

Cody: A quote from the trail –  “I took my parents for granted.”  Cody has been eternally optimistic on the trip and is a natural and charismatic leader.  He has really taken this trip to heart and is loving the experience.

Simone: Completely at home in the woodland setting.  An excellent singer and hiker, and writing notes to me in Italian that I’m trying to translate! 

Ryan: A quote from the trail – “I will never look at food the same!”  He is “eating” up the experience, loving every moment as he naturally assumes responsibility.  He is a strong hiker, never complains and is a joy to have on the trip!

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