Hey Everyone!

Catskills called this morning to say everything is going well! The group is starting to get comfortable with the backpacking gear and have been enjoying the great, sunny weather.  The breeze has been a welcome way to cool down as they hike up the mountains.  The best part of the trip so far: reaching a viewpoint on North Mountain that allowed the group to look back at Blackhead Mountain and physically see the peak they had just climbed over and around!

Some call outs to our participants:

Simone: Doing super well with the hike.  His singing and positive attitude has been a huge asset on the trip so far!

Cody: Lead of the Day today and excited about learning map reading skills.  He’s a great learner and is grasping the new concepts quickly!

Elijah: Getting along great with a couple of the guys in the group and loved the view of Blackhead mountain after they climbed it

Ryan: has some serious backpacking skill and experience!  He’s very well packed and comfortable being out on the trail.  He’s getting to know several of the group members well and is fitting in great!

Sasha: learning some new backpacking skills and life skills, fitting in well with the group overall and looking forward to his Leader of the Day experience!

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