Tonight was Challenge Night at the Farm! In groups with our Yurts, we had fun competeing in various activities to gain points for our team.  So many people have so many hidden talents on the farm!  Berlyn could hoola hoop the longest, and could even do it on one leg!  Mae and Imogene made the weirdest sounds with their mouths, Kai and Charley from Yurt 6 and Ayaka and Ayaha from Yurt 5 were the Yurt look-alike champions, and we had a dance off.  Also Rebecca did the best counselor impersonation of Camilo!   We even had a celebrity judging pannel consisting of Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift!IMG_1581 Yurt 2 Look-Alikes IMG_1582 Yurt 4 Look Alikes IMG_1583 Yurt 6 Look Alikes IMG_1584 Counselor Look Alikes IMG_1585 Yurt 5 Look Alikes IMG_1586 Yurt 3 Look Alikes    

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