Today was another beautiful, but very hot day in the Catskills.  Adventure Village woke up to one of the most exciting mornings of them all.  The campers split up into groups and got to ride down the New Old Zipline, or the Giant Swing, make nature art, or try out a brand new specialty that melds yoga and dubstep music.

Later in the morning AdVill began their Survival training and learned how to build shelters. The afternoon was filled with more high elements on the high ropes course and the leap of faith.  As always, especially on such a hot day, there was lots of creekin!

Then some awesome mountain storms rolled into the Valley.  We got a short torrential down pour and then literally got to watch the clouds float back out of the Valley into the sky and the sun came out yet again.

AdVill got to play with CIT’s for the evening.  The CIT’s turned our dining hall into a massive maze with some challenges along the way for our kids to go through.  Now everyone is resting up and getting ready for an all day hike tomorrow!

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    Please post some news from the kids on the W. Virginia trip…thanks..I would really appreciate more updates….

    • fvsummercamp

      We will do our best! From our reports, the trip is going very well!

  • silfis

    Any news from the Habitat for Humanities camp?

    • fvsummercamp

      We’ll keep you posted! So far everything has been great and the kids have been having a great time!




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